Different agents do things differently which can make the experience of buying a home very frustrating. Some agents will happily sell a house to the first buyer that sees it. Others will often sell a home without even taking it to market. Others don’t really seem to have any strategy all.

We very rarely sell our homes 'off market'. Our job is to secure the best possible price for our owners. This is usually done by exposing the property to as many people as possible and using competition to ensure the right price has been achieved.

We don’t like to push anyone into a quick decision. It’s a huge decision and one that you shouldn’t take lightly.

It is our goal that if you buy from us, that you will love the experience of buying. That doesn’t mean we will be giving our properties away cheaply. On the contrary, we will work hard to secure the best possible price for our sellers.

But, you can expect to be treated with courtesy and in a professional manner. We won’t lie to you and will do our best to empathise with your situation, given it’s likely to be pretty stressful.

We have a structured program for selling that we follow religiously. We always keep properties on the market for a minimum of 12 days. This allows plenty of time for inspections for all buyers to consider their position.

We don’t like to push anyone into a quickly decision. It’s a huge decision and one that you shouldn’t take lightly. We will show you the home and give you multiple opportunities to view it. We encourage you to bring your family and friends through for a second opinion.

What you can expect

Making an offer

We understand that making an offer can be a daunting experience. To keep things simple, initial offers can be made using our online offer form that will be in the link we send you straight after your inspection. Once you have made the offer, we will let you know clearly when you can expect an answer from us. We never sell our homes on the first day. When a property is new to market you can expect we will have a couple of inspections during the first week or so, allowing you time to see the property several times before needing to make a final decision.


We don't ask our buyers to make 'best and final offers' without any guidance on price. Negotiations will happen in good faith. If there is a higher offer we will let you know so you aren't wasting your time. We will never lie about the number or size of existing offers. In the past buyers have tried to call our bluff, thinking that other ‘alleged’ buyers don’t exist only to lose the property. We can understand the reason why buyers would find real estate agents dishonest. It is a fair assumption that this type of practice routinely occurs in the industry. Believe us, we will not do it. Ever.

Offer & Acceptance

The price in which you make an offer is important however we are also keen to learn about any conditions that come with the offer. If you make an offer you can expect us to ask for more information regarding ideal settlement timeframes, special conditions and where you are up to with your finance. Ideally, buyers should be pre-approved with a deposit ready, however, this is not mandatory.

No gazumping policy

If you have ever been gazumped, you will know it’s not a pleasant experience. We have an expectation with all buyers that they move forward quickly once an offer is accepted. To be clear, we take our time during the inspection and offer process. We give our buyers all the information they need to make a decision and we don’t place undue pressure on them. Once we have accepted an offer however, we expect quick progress. Doing this ensures you cannot be gazumped.