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A Splash of Colour

17 NOVEMBER 2021

As the warm weather arrives, it brings with it an opportunity to splash some colour around the home. When presenting your home to the market, colour is a great tool to help buyers connect with your interiors. The right use of colour is important, particularly when selling, and here are our top tips for using colour:

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7 Arthur St | Mayfield

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22 Woodstock St | Mayfield

Be Consistent

Create and use a colour palette throughout the home to ensure that buyers feel that the property flows. Stick to complementary colours in linens and textiles and balance the space with lots of neutral tones and textures.

Use Art as the Colour Focus

A large statement artwork is a great way of introducing a big hit of colour. They add interest to a room and are best placed in family living or dining areas. When decorating around colourful artworks, let the art be the hero and keep textiles and accessories in neutrals, or select one tone from the piece to carry through.

8 Rees Way 17

8 Rees Way | Lambton

Keep the Walls White

As tempting as it may be to paint a feature wall, internal walls are best painted in white or neutral colours. White walls have broad market appeal and make the perfect base to introduce colour in a gentle, non-permanent way.

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