We Are Expanding

21 JUNE 2021

Have you ever dreamt of a career in real estate? If you are like most people, probably not, and we're okay with that. But, if you love a challenge and have always felt that property was in your veins, it might be worth considering. We are expanding and looking for the best of the best.

You don't need to be an agent with 30 years of experience. In fact, we aren't looking for real estate people at all (unless you have a fantastic reputation that preceeds you). Having a sales background is advantageous, but not if you are pushy, sleazy or untrustworthy. If you don't get the customer service aspect of being a salesperson, we won't be a good fit.

We are looking for those with energy and commitment, who can see past the short-term buck and focus on the long term. Those who understand how to really look after people, the value of a good reputation and a commitment to doing it better than anyone else. Not because anyone is watching, but because the small decisions you make today will pay off in 5 years time.

Office 3

We always say real estate isn't complicated, but it's pretty easy to stuff up. In any sale, there are lots of moving parts, and stress levels can be pretty high.

Most real estate agents spend their days cold calling (calling random numbers from a phone list) and door-knocking looking for a home to sell. Over-promising and under-delivering. That's just not us. We'll train you right, support you and give you all the tools to be an amazing success. So, whilst most new agents don't make it past the first year, no one has ever left us.

We have been up and running as LaneCampos for close to 3 years now (though lots of combined real estate experience prior). It's certainly been a ride. We are super proud of what we have achieved in such a small period of time. We don't like to beat our chests, but it always gives us a feeling of satisfaction that we are overtaking some of the better-known players that have been around for decades.

We are pretty ambitious and not happy to settle for being good enough. We have some pretty lofty plans. Last month we moved into our new office in Maryville. We needed more space to grow. Our new Hannell Street location gives us a lot more exposure. It's a great new space that still feels like home.

We believe the world is definitely our oyster. There is room for everyone in the Newcastle real estate agent market, but we truly think that we can lift the bar and establish ourselves as the number one agency in the region.

Why wouldn't you want to join us on our journey?

If you do, send us a confidential email with your resume to


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