Mask Group 327 2x
Mask Group 327 2x

Bridget has been working with LaneCampos for the last three years.

After working in sales for some years (and briefly as a make-up artist) she jumped at the opportunity to work for a small, local business doing work that impacted peoples lives in a positive way.

What Bridget enjoys the most is seeing how people transform a pre-loved gem into their dream home. She also has fun dreaming about buying all of our properties!

Bridget is our branding powerhouse pulling our message and ethos together on our socials and property market magazines…you should sign up for a copy!

A music lover, she often listens to Nick Cave, The Smiths and Hanson.

Downtime: strength training, gardening and enjoying the company of her four dogs.

Unsure about: cooking meals with mushrooms.

There's something special about working for a local business doing a job that impacted peoples lives in a positive way