Agents usually don't bother calling buyers back. They will routinely lie to them about the property, the owners situation and other buyers. They will also push them into making decisions even though this sometimes sees the buyer walk away.

Agents seem to think this is a good practice. From our experience, having a poor relationship with buyers only leads to a poor outcome.

It doesn't need to be adversarial.

If we have a good relationship with the buyer, we can easily identify their hot buttons. If a buyer discloses they have already sold, we will know that the settlement timing is probably more critical than the price they want to spend. If we can offer them to move in early, we can perhaps get an additional $10,000 in price. For a seller that is easy money. But buyers are less likely to cough up information if they hate the agent.

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If a buyer tells you another agent has gazumped them, we will factor this into the negotiation. For example we might say: "if you can get to $725,000 we will take the property off the market, cancel any further inspections for the next week and ensure that you won't be gazumped. Otherwise, we might consider $720,000, but we won't be able to cancel the upcoming inspection while you get your finance organised. In this situation, we are putting subtle pressure on the buyer and allowing them to make the decision.

Buyers will disclose information that can be used to enhance negotiations to get you a higher price. But they won't do this readily. If there is an adversarial relationship, they will do whatever they can to ensure they 'beat' the agent. This can and does have an impact on the seller.

We think it is much better to do the right thing by all parties. We always strive to get record sale prices.

We want to do that in a way which treats everyone fairly. As such, you can expect us to:

  • Not gazump buyers: rather than accept the first offer, we will leave the property on the market long enough to ensure all buyers have had enough time to inspect the property. Once we have reached a deal with the buyer, we will expedite the process of signing contracts and having the deposit paid to secure the property. This process is clearly explained to the buyer when they make the offer (usually days before it is accepted). Whilst this can still be stressful for buyers, it is not a surprise.
  • We will provide buyers with all the information to make a decision: every one that comes to our inspections will get a link sent them via SMS afterwards which includes the contract and pest/building report (where available).
  • Provide a 'fast facts' document at all inspection. This one-page summary includes all the critical information to buyers, including info like council rates, likely rental outcome, settlement timeframes, fridge space dimensions and even proximity to the nearest bus stop. This ensures all of our team are on the same page when providing buyers with answers.
  • Explain the next steps in detail so there is no confusion: the link we send to our buyers after each inspection clearly explains the road forward so buyers aren't surprised
  • Make the offer process easy: offers are made online. We ask buyers ten questions to understand their situation and ensure they are the right buyer. We will then negotiate in good faith.
  • Not ask buyers to make 'best and final' offers: whereas many agents ask buyers to make just one offer we back our ability to negotiate. We know from experience buyers hate 'best and finals'. It's just a lazy practice that saves time for the agent.

Our business is about providing great outcomes for all our clients. For sellers, this means record prices in a reasonable timeframe. For buyers than means enjoying the experience (right through to the big door bow they get on settlement) – even though they may have to pay a premium to buy off us.

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