Domain and have different levels of advertising. These determine where your property is placed online. It also has an impact on the size of your ad, however we think this benefit is a little less important.

Like a google search, you are more likely to attract buyers if you are at the top of the search field. Unfortunately, this comes at a price. As a seller, you can choose to have your property positioned at the top, middle or bottom of your suburb.

An upgraded ad's biggest benefit is that it will be placed as a priority in the surrounding suburbs (which are automatically included in search results). If you are only looking to attract buyers in your suburb, then the ad's size and position is of marginal benefit. However, once you include the surrounding suburbs, you will see a substantial uplift in property views.

Reaching potential buyers who aren't looking in your suburb is an easy way to attract more interest to your property.

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There are other advantages, as well. Have you ever noticed how you click on a property on Domain and then when you are browsing other websites later, that property and others like it start following you? A platinum ad gets you this and shows your property to people using an algorithm Domain believes will reach other buyers.

On a Premiere ad gets recycled back up to the top spot three times over a 60 day period. This means you might have a property that's been on the market for a month, but it will appear as though it's a new listing. Start with a lower quality ad, and it will start low and continue to get lower with each week.

There are a number of other advantages to upgrading so let us know when we see you if you aren't convinced. If you don't believe in the power of marketing, we probably aren't going to be the agency for you.

Data from both of these property powerhouses show that a top tier advertisement will attract around 70% more views. The easiest comparison is choosing to be on page 2 of a google search, rather than one.

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We've taken over numerous listings from other agents where a property has failed to sell. We have been able to witness first-hand the difference a better ad can make.

Some clients have asked if they could start with a cheaper ad and upgrade if their place doesn't sell. Whilst this makes sense on one level, we'd rather put everything into getting all the buyers through your property in the first two weeks. If you could choose to get 30 people to your first open, why would it make sense just to have 15? That additional competition is what is going to get you a higher price.

Some agencies will charge different amounts for internet advertising. This could be because they mark up the costs they are charged by Domain and Because we have a high portion of upgraded ads, both websites provide us with a discount that we pass on in full. We do not add a mark-up to any marketing spend.

When shopping between agents, be careful to understand the different types of ads. Some of the names can be confusing. For example, has four tiers (Premiere, Highlight, Feature and Standard). Domain has 3 (Platinum, Gold and Silver). If an agent tells you that you have an upgraded ad, make sure it's a platinum and premiere, otherwise it's barely an upgrade at all.

If this all sounds a bit confusing, we can cover this off when we see you face to face.

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