Selling a house is not complicated but done poorly, it can be one of the most stressful and financially disastrous events in someone’s life. Our aim is to make the selling process easier for you from the moment you sign the listing contract right through to settlement date and the transfer of money.

With our strategy, our goal is to get you the best price in the market and opening the champers within 2 to 4 weeks. You can expect a detailed selling plan, ongoing advice and plenty of support.

Communication will be consistent, genuine and you will discover we always tell it like it is (nothing will be wrapped up in cotton wool!)

When choosing an agent, beware of those who try to “buy your listing” by promising an inflated sale price that’s not supported by facts. As an agent it is easy to promise the world. It is another thing deliver it.

The two easiest ways to undersell a home are by taking an offer too quickly or taking too long to sell.

Some agents will be happy to start high knowing clearly that they can wear you down over a 3 month period by pushing you to continually lower your price expectations.

Unfortunately for you, this will waste months of your time and more importantly will usually result in a lower sale price.

You should also avoid agents who brag that they sold a property on the very first day. This might be a good result for them, but it has probably cost their client thousands.

To achieve record prices we always believe in setting the right price, maximising views with superior presentation and marketing, then using competition to push the price upwards. We will show you how to make the right decisions to ensure you get the details right. These decisions can make or lose you tens of thousands of dollars.

Whether or not you come to us, these are the steps to selling a property in NSW:


Research the market.

Take your time to look around at what is happening. How are the prices in your area? Are properties selling? It is important you have a good idea of your home’s value as well as what properties will be competing with yours, once on the market


Select an agent.

Whilst the fee is important, make sure you choose an agent that can prove they can get you the highest price possible. Be careful of agents that try and ‘Buy the Listing’ by over-promising a sale price that is not backed up by facts. This will waste months of your time and usually result in a lower sale price.


Complete the paperwork.

Your chosen agent will ask you to sign an Agency Agreement which outlines the property details, their commission and any other important information.


Order a contract for sale.

This needs to be done by a solicitor or conveyancer prior to any advertising. Your agent should be able to provide you with some reliable options.


Prepare your marketing plan.

Your agent will prepare a marketing campaign that is tailored to your property and budget to generate the most amount of enquiries possible.


Prepare your home for sale.

A professional agent will be able to guide you on the small details that buyers look for when inspecting your home. They can provide important suggestions on the home presentation that can have a significant impact on your sale price.


Property goes on the market.

This is where all the marketing comes together. Based around your requirements, open homes and private inspections will be arranged. The more buyer interest that is generated, the higher the likely sale price.


Buyers visit your property.

Your agent should provide you with detailed feedback on market activity and buyer feedback. The agent should also discuss your options if an immediate sale is not forthcoming.


A buyer makes an offer.

Your agent will negotiate the best price possible and discuss any terms of the offer. They will then present these to you for your consideration.


The offer is accepted.

Once you are satisfied with the price and terms of the offer, the agent will work with both parties and solicitors to collect the deposit and exchange the contract. Different agencies have different procedures for this step, so ensure your agent explains this important stage in detail. Once the 10% deposit is paid the contracts are exchanged, each party is committed to the sale (however depending on the situation this may be subject to a cooling off period or finance clause). Usually during or prior to this time the buyer organises their finance and any reports such as Building, Pest or Strata. Your agent will liaise with each party during this period to ensure that the process is managed effectively.


Settlement begins

Once the contracts are exchanged unconditionally a date is set for settlement. This is where the banks and solicitors finalise loans and title information. This usually takes 5 to 6 weeks.


Prepare to move out.

Your agent will be able to provide information on removalists and any other services needed.


Final inspection.

Just prior to settlement, the buyer usually completes an inspection of the property to ensure that the condition of the property is acceptable and that the agreed inclusions are present in the property.



Once confirmation has been received from both solicitors, the keys are given to the buyer who then takes possession of the property.