Like our buyers, we think treating tenants fairly and respectfully is important. We want your tenants to love living in your home. We aim to provide them with a high level of service so they stay good tenants for the long term. This minimises costs to you and usually means your property is better cared for.

When we manage your property, we will maintain regular contact with your tenant, routinely inspect the property so it stays in good shape, pay all the bills and manage your rental money every two weeks for you. Hopefully with a minimum amount of fuss.

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Is it easy to change property managers? Can I change at any time?

The simple answer is Yes!

The process of changing management companies is very easy and you can do it at any time, not just when a lease expires. Not only do we minimise the time required by you, but we also remove the awkward conversation that can occur with your existing manager when you tell them you’re moving on. Swapping over to LaneCampos is as simple as 3 steps!


Some quick details

Provide us with your investment property address.


Let us organise the paperwork

Sign the management agreement and termination letter we send you via Docusign – no need for printing and scanning.


We'll look after the rest for you

LaneCampos will contact your existing manager to inform them of the change and contact your tenants to ensure a smooth transition.

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