We have a No-Stalker Policy whenever we do an appraisal. You will not be hassled afterwards.

If you invite us into your home to complete a property appraisal, we will endeavour to give you the best advice possible. We will come prepared with information about the most recent comparable sales and use our best judgement on a possible likely sales price.

We won’t over-inflate the price to try and win you over.

If you need information regarding preparing the house for sale, feedback on possible alterations or just a simple letter for your bank or financial planner, we will be happy to help. The appraisal will be free and we won't annoy or hassle you afterwards.

The following is our No-Stalker Policy which is our commitment to you:

We promise:

  • Not to harass you about selling your home
  • Not to tell you about the 4,329,109 people on our database that desperately want to see your home
  • Not to knock on your door unexpectedly
  • Not to try to convince you to sell your place without taking it to the market
  • Not to con you into signing any agreements that you aren’t comfortable with
  • Not to act like a desperate and needy salespeople