In the details


Selling a house is not complicated but done poorly, it can be stressful and often financially disastrous.

Our aim is to make the selling process easier for you from the moment you sign the listing contract right through to settlement date and the transfer of money.

We have a strategy that we strongly believe will get you a better price and sold within a short timeframe. It’s what we call the secret sauce.

You can expect a detailed selling plan, ongoing advice and plenty of support.

Communication will be consistent, genuine and you will discover we always telling it like it is (nothing will be wrapped up in cotton wool!)

When choosing an agent, beware of those who try to “buy your listing” by promising an inflated sale price that’s not supported by facts. As an agent it is easy to promise the world. It is another thing to actually deliver it.

Some agents will be happy to wear you down over a 3 month period by pushing you to continually lower your price expectations.

Unfortunately for you, this will waste months of your time and more importantly will usually result in a lower sale price.

Avoid agents who brag that they sold a property on the very first day. This might be a good result for them, but it has probably cost their client thousands.

The two easiest ways to undersell a home are by taking an offer too quickly or taking too long to sell. This first two-week period is what we call the ‘golden window’ and is critical to ensuring we achieve a premium result for your property.

Here are few things you can expect:

  • Extensive research
  • Detailed understanding of the market and what drives it
  • Top class knowledge of sale prices and area records
  • Proven sales strategy that has seen record prices
  • Leading edge marketing
  • Dedicated personal team
  • Regular face-to-face meetings where we will explain what we are doing and why
  • Ongoing communication throughout the process
  • Laser negotiation skills to ensure you receive the highest possible price

If you need proof, we will happily supply the contact details of any buyer/seller we have ever worked with.

Selling Options

Auction. Fixed Price. No Price. Price guides.

Here is what each strategy means and what benefit each one may have with the sale of your home.

Selling Options

The Sales Process

Step by step. No surprises. No guess work. Know what to expect during the sale.

Our aim is to make the selling process easier for you from the moment you sign the listing contract right through to settlement date and the transfer of money.

Check out The Sales Process page which outlines all the steps involved in selling your property.

The Sales Process


‘First impressions last’

This old saying cannot be further from the truth when it comes to selling your home.

The presentation of your home influences the final sale price.

As your agent, we will be able to give you some clear direction on how to prepare your home for sale. No matter the budget, together we can make small changes that have a big impact.

Here are a few styling tips to get you started:

Selling Tips

Exchanging Contracts

The legal stuff.

The signatures.

This is the very technical, nitty gritty side of the sale. It can also be the most stressful.

Let’s take out the intimidation and make it easier for you.

Exchanging Contracts

Real Estate Jargon

Exchange, exclusions and inclusions.

What does it all mean? Selling a property comes with a new vocabulary to learn.

Know the lingo. Know what it means. After reading this you’ll be a pro like us.

The Real Estate Jargon