‘First impressions last’


This old saying cannot be further from the truth when it comes to selling your home.

The presentation of your home influences the final sale price. In this current market, it is crucial that your home makes a great impression both inside and out. We regularly see droves of buyers at our open homes with a page full of homes listed for inspections for the day. Most buyers will only have ten minutes to view your property before they need to head off to the next open home. For this reason, it’s important that your home makes a lasting impression.

Don’t stress though. Getting your home ready for sale doesn’t mean that you need to spend a small fortune redecorating your home.

As your agent, we will be able to give you some clear direction on how to prepare your home for sale. No matter the budget, together we can make small changes that have a big impact.

Here are a few styling tips to get you started:


We all tend to accumulate treasures such as photos, magazines/books, travel trinkets etc. When selling, it is important to de-personalise the home as you want potential buyers to imagine themselves living there. Personal items such family photos can be seen as a distraction to some buyers. Packing away any personal items will improve the buyers’ ability to see their own furniture in the home.

Keep bench spaces and surfaces free of clutter. Only add a few decorative items to surfaces e.g. bunch of flowers in the kitchen, a small arrangement of designer magazines or books on the coffee table or a simple lamp on side tables.

Shelving and cupboards need to be neatly organised. A rule of thumb is to remove 1/3 of the items that you already have in your storage and cupboards. The idea behind this is to make the home feel lived in, but not bursting at the seams with daily life.

Outside keep entertaining areas, decks / verandahs and grassed areas open and neat. Outdoor areas play a big role when a buyer places an offer on a home, so if you have a great space for entertaining show it off!

Clean It

Clean clean clean.

Your home needs to feel fresh, alive and well loved during the open home. Always start from top to bottom when cleaning starting with air conditioning vents and fans, to windows, drapes/blinds, skirting boards and flooring.

Make sure that any rugs, furniture and cushions are spotless – if required get them professionally cleaned and odourised. PS – buyers don’t like pet smells in the home.

Be sure that you air your house daily. The feeling of freshness is really important during an open home.

Gardens and lawns need to be neat and well maintained. Fresh mulch in the gardens is a great way to freshen up the yard. Using a pressure house to clean up driveways and pathways is a must. If you have wooden decks be sure to give them a fresh lick of oil to bring them back to life.

Keep It Simple

A mistake that some people make is trying to make their home look cosy, however, to many people ‘cosy’ means cluttered.

Keep surfaces like coffee tables and shelves clear of any unnecessary items such as CDs, console gaming stations, and stacks of magazines. Remotes should be kept stored away, and any electrical cords hidden from view where possible.

The smell in a home also plays an important role. Fresh flowers are a great way to bring life into your home. Just be sure not to make the smell overpowering as this can turn people off – keep it subtle.

Be aware of the temperature inside your home too. If it’s hot outside keep turn on the air conditioner during the open home along with any ceiling fans. In colder months turn on any heaters to create a warm environment inside. If you have a fireplace get it started as this will put your home ahead of the rest during the colder months.

Professional Staging

In some circumstances we recommend the use of professional stagers, particularly if the house will be empty for photos and open homes. Although staging can be costly (approx $3500-$4500), the impact on the final sale price is massive. In some instances, a staged home can increase the final sale price by $20,000, if not more!

Keep in mind, people are not just buying a house, they’re buying into a lifestyle so it’s important to create one in your home.