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With a wide background in negotiating and service, we strive to deliver an amazing experience to all of our clients, both sellers and buyers. In a world where no-one seems to get on, we aim for a win: win.

We want to be known for doing things the right way. Our reputation means everything to us. But, expect us to be upfront. No fluff. Just the facts.

For us, it's about representing a seller with their biggest asset in life. It's also about genuinely helping buyers with their property search. It's not a game. This is a big deal.

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The secret sauce

Most agents put up a sign, turn up and hope for the best. But, if you want to get a great price, there is a little more to it than that. What separates the good agents from the great is the strategy they use.

It’s what we call the secret sauce. It’s a strategy that we’ve devised over the last five years of testing and experimenting. It’s surprisingly simple but it’s really, really effective. It takes a bit of effort from you and a lot of expertise from us.

No empty promises, just a solid strategy. That works.

For sellers, if you want to sell your place substantially above a fair price, well that will take an above-average agent.

For buyers, rather than push you, we'd rather take our time. We want to make sure you are making the right decision. But we also are looking for competition so you are paying the right price.

The relationship between buyer and agent does not need to be adversarial. Our results prove that you can sell houses for amazing prices but keep everyone happy. But you need to treat all parties fairly and with respect.

There is plenty more to know about the secret sauce. Want to know the rest? Well, you can invite us over. Alternatively, you can find out what our previous clients have said about their experience with us.

What people are saying about us

The best around!

We didn't look any further as Roland had all the things we were seeking in an agent but rarely found. Roland is genuine, honest and experienced. He was always willing to chat to give us his advice or contact numbers for painters, plumbers, gardeners, etc. Selling a house is stressful, but Roland made us aware of what would happen logistically and emotionally. He provided guidance every step of the way.

Natalie & Tim

No Regrets

I am really confident I made the right choice in asking Dave to be my agent. He is organised, has excellent communication skills, discusses options to enhance a smooth sale. I would recommend Dave without hesitation.



The word outstanding is often overused. Roland has great knowledge of the market, home preparation & presentation. A lot of sensitivity as this sale was an emotional family change. Very open communication empowering me in the decision making. Appointments were always effortless however well structured, feedback was given from every prospective purchaser and importantly I was treated with respect and my ideas and questions were always valued.


Awesome, honest and reliable agent.

We would highly recommend Dave to anyone selling their house. He made the process so smooth and stress free. If you are after an honest agent who won’t screw people over Dave is your man. That was our biggest concern in hiring an agent. Dave and his team are a well-oiled machine from the moment the photos are taken to being listed, having open homes, and negotiating. Their marketing is done really well. Better than most of the houses we have been looking at to buy. Thanks Dave for all your efforts!

Rachel & Ryan

What a legend.

Dave and his team have been great to work with through the sale of our first family home. His communication and commitment to customer service stands out above the rest and he genuinely cares about getting you in the best position for the sale. We had many conversations in the lead up to and during the sale of our property where we felt we were getting honest and reliable information. I have never felt like we were getting your stereotypical sales schpeel that you may expect from a real estate agent and Dave was respectful of both us as sellers and the buyers. We can’t recommend Dave more highly and would definitely use him again – even though he did eat our last cinnamon doughnut.

Tuppence & Dane


This was such an enjoyable experience.

Andrew Symonds

An amazing experience!

From the very first moment I met with Roland I just knew that he was the person to sell my home. I loved how he marketed my home as well as his knowledge of the suburb. I can recommend Roland very highly. I always felt Roland was taking care of my interests and that’s important from a sellers point of view, I just wish I had more homes to sell because it was a great experience and not once did I feel stressed as Roland managed everything for me.


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Selling with us

Step by step. No surprises. No guess work. We make selling property easier for you.

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Buying with us

Our goal is that if you buy from us, you will love the experience of buying. No rushing or pushing.

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Free appraisal

We can help you understand exactly what you need to get the best price for your property.

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